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Ilam is potentially a province where five thousand hectares of pistachios orchard can be developed in

The deputy of Ilam agricultural organisation said: Ilam province has the capacity to develop and create five thousand hectares of pistachio orchards due to the added value.

Homayoun Mazaheri – The deputy of Ilam agricultural organisation

Homayoun Mazaheri stated at the meeting of the Production Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers Headquarters: “Some areas of the province have a very good potential for growing pistachio orchards and model plantings have been done.”

He added: “Based on studies , Zarneh Ivan, Hililan and Chardavol areas are among the most important points that have the potential to cultivate pistachio orchards in the province.

The deputy of agriculture organisation of Ilam reminded: according to the studies, even the talent of some of these areas for growing and growing pistachios is higher than normal, which is a special advantage and capacity.

Mazaheri emphasized: it is possible to create a huge change in investment in this sector by setting up and operating a pumping station with the aim of developing pistachio orchards.

He also referred to the operation of four greenhouse complexes in the province and said: “In addition to creating employment, the development of greenhouse units plays an important role in the production of a variety of summer products in four seasons.”

Ilam agriculture organisation Deputy added: “Production of various greenhouse products, in addition to generating income in terms of improving production, can also play an important role in export development.”

source: IRNA