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Simultaneously with the harvest season of groves; The online date market is hot

Cyberspace has made it possible for date producers to deliver palm products to customers by eliminating intermediaries and following hygienic procedures.

Until recently, buying and selling in cyberspace was limited to clothing and home appliances, but gradually with the expansion of infrastructure and communication services, the supply of various products on the Internet and social networks increased.

Now it is enough to search for the product you need, find the best product based on your needs on various virtual pages or social network channels.

Other food items, educational services, cultural supplies, flowers and plants are now on the list of items offered in cyberspace.

Due to the obstacles and problems in the direct supply of products in the traditional market, some entrepreneurs and manufacturers have taken a step in the new way of offering their products online in Online date shop.

An examination of the various pages of these groups shows that the purpose of these people entering cyberspace is not just a few days of activity and limited supply of products, and they have decided to expand their business through this method, aware of the capacity of this space.

Of course, in the meantime, it goes without saying that bloggers and word-of-mouth advertisements have an effective role in presenting and identifying products.

Among Online websites like date shop are active users who, through communication with their audience, now act as intermediaries between suppliers and customers in cyberspace. This group often starts to introduce and advertise different businesses for a fee, and as a result, low-audience user accounts are seen by other users in cyberspace.

These days, with the arrival of the date season, the supply of dates in cyberspace has also flourished.

Dates are among the agricultural products that do not have the approved rate of market regulation and in most days of the year, the price of this product is determined based on the supply and demand of the market.

However, with the relative growth of demand on some religious days and occasions, such as the month of Muharram, the price of these items also increases; As the distance between the price of production and retail in the consumer market sometimes increases up to three times.

Source: yjc