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Bam pistachios

The director of Agricultural organization of Bam city said:

pistachio harvest in Bam city at the level of 2 thousand hectares of fertile orchards in Bam city will start and will continue in the middle of October

According to the IANA reporter in Kerman province, Maqool said:

it is predicted that more than 2,000 tons of products will be harvested and sent to the market from the above level.

Abaraghi pistachio cultivar

Cultivated pistachios of the city are mainly Abarghi, Ouhadi, Ahmad Aghaei, Hazelnut and Koleghoochi.

Bampistachio cultivars

He pointed out that the quality of Abaraghi cultivar pistachios is different in terms of taste, flavor and green nuts in the province, and due to its high yield and resistance to pests and diseases, most orchards have changed to Abaraghi cultivar.