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Director of Agricultural organization of Khoshab about pistachios harvesting in Khoshab said:

pistachio harvest started from 7,200 hectares of fertile orchards in the city.

According to the Khorasan Razavi Center Radio News Agency, Ebrahim Rood Sarabi stated that the area under pistachio cultivation this year is 12,100 hectares and pistachio harvest from the gardens of the city is pleasant, of which 4,900 hectares are infertile.

It is said that 8,100 tons of dried pistachios are expected to be harvested from this fertile area.

He continued:

Last year, the amount of dried pistachio harvest was 7,850 tons from 7,000 hectares of fertile land.

Rudsarabi further said: pistachio harvest in Khoshab city will continue until the end of October.

Khoshab pistachios harvesting season

The horticulture official of the city also said: “This year, due to the cold weather, the harvest time of pistachios was later than last year and the climatic conditions were such that the need for tree cooling in all cultivars was adequately met, which reduces pest damage and increased population.”

Insects have become useful on the surface of gardens.

Ms. Sorayai added: “This year, due to the prevalence of the corona virus, the training required by gardeners is mostly done online and via SMS, and when necessary, with small gatherings and with observance of hygienic points.”

Source of the news : iribnews