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a local in maraveh tappe who has harvested wild pistachio

Harvesting of wild pistachios from the heights of Maraveh Tappeh city in Golestan province have cold winters and hot summers.

due to special climatic conditions and a suitable natural habitat for the growth of pistachio trees.

The growth and fruiting of these trees are from 800 years ago.

Wild pistachio trees are scattered over an area of ​​30,000 hectares.

With the permission of the Natural Resources Department, the people of the region under the supervision of the Insight Development Company of Maraveh Tappeh are manage, use and exploit 5,603 hectares of these trees.

Organic wild pistachio is from forest and mountain trees in the border region of Kazanqayeh and seven villages of Palizan village.

which is in the northeast of Golestan province.

Insight Development Company has nearly a thousand members, all of whom are from the surrounding villages.

Every year, with the beginning of the pistachio harvest season, the mountains of the region come out of the list of under preserve region which is under control of the natural resource organization.

Hence, people can harvest pistachios.

Pistachio harvesting in the form of cooperatives is left to the people of neighboring villages to be effective both in the economy of the region and in the development and maintenance of trees and their exploitation.

One of the problems is the early Harvesting of wild pistachios in this area.

The matter slows down the reproduction of trees.

According to the director of Maravah Tappeh Agricultural Organization , the area of ​​Maravah Tappeh pistachio genetic reserve in the last 60 years was 50,000 hectares, which has been reduced to 7,000 hectares due to early harvest, grazing and reduction of trees.

Smuggling of pistachios by profiteers and taking them out of illegal bases, as well as their unconventional pricing is another reason why the people of the region are deprived of the benefits of this product.