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According to the Fars news agency from the south of Kerman, Jiroft city is known as a tropical region due to its climatic diversity, but Jiroft has a different climatic diversity of various vegetable and saffron products in the plains to oranges, citrus fruits and walnuts in the mountains and duration.

Pistachio has been considered as one of the best products in the region for several years.These days, when palm growers in Jiroft are still harvesting dates, 60 km from Jiroft, pistachio growers are harvesting pistachios in Esfandagheh.

Boiling and roasting pistachio growers to harvest Ebrahimi is one of the pistachio growers in district of Jiroft, who has more than 6 hectares of fruitful pistachio orchards.Ghezelbash is one of the other pistachio growers in the city district of Jiroft, who has been planting and harvesting pistachios for many years.

He announced a 3 hectare increase in the area under cultivation of his pistachio and said:

“Due to the low water consumption, I increased the area under cultivation from 15 hectares to 18 hectares.”

Production forecast of 120 tons of dried pistachios in the south of KermanThe director of horticulture of the Agricultural Organization of South Kerman also said: the cultivation area of ​​pistachio orchards in the region is 586 hectares, of which 300 tons of dry pistachio crop is expected to be harvested from 300 hectares of fertile orchards.Mansour Sharif said: “Given the widespread climate change and drought crisis, the issue of food security and self-reliance in the production of agricultural products is one of the most important government policies in the agricultural sector.

He added: “Changing the pattern of crop cultivation in order to increase production and production sustainability is one of the major programs of the Ministry of Agriculture. In this regard, the use of cultivars with low water requirements such as pistachios is on the agenda of horticultural management and replaces irrigated crops.”Horticulture director of Agricultural Organization of South Kerman added:

“According to studies conducted in region, which has suitable climatic conditions, it is considered for the development of pistachio orchards in southern Kerman. In recent years, farmers have paid special attention to its cultivation and every year We are cultivating these products in the region.