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According to the deputy head of the organization and director of Neishabour agricultural organization, pistachio harvest began from 4,815 hectares of gardens in the city.

Mohammad Ali Farahmand Rad announced: The area of ​​pistachio orchards in Neishabour is 6,060 hectares, of which 4,815 hectares are fertile and 1,245 hectares are infertile, with a production of 6,700 tons. Be.
He said:

the cultivars cultivated in the city include Koleghoochi, Hazelnut, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami Sefid.
Farahmand Rad stated that the average yield of dried pistachios in the city is 1,400 kg per hectare and the income from this amount of production for gardeners is 35 million dollars.
The official reminded:

There are 9 industrial units of pistachio recording terminal in the city, which, in addition to creating jobs, is the supplier of pistachio processing produced by the city.

Abolghasem Mohammadi, a gardener in Neishabour who produces pistachios on 110 hectares, attributed the increase in production to proper plant nutrition, proper and timely use of chemical pesticides, and the use of the knowledge of promoters responsible for the agricultural organization.