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Shirzad Kamali, director of Khash Agricultural Organization said:

Pistachio harvesting is underway in 2800 hectares of fertile orchards in the city, and so far more than 70% of the crop has been harvested.

Shirzad Kamali added:

There are about 3,500 hectares of pistachio orchards in this city, from which about 3,000 tons of pistachios will be harvested.

He enumerated the dominant pistachio cultivars of Khash city as Ahmadghaei, Akbari, Round and Ouhadi cultivars and continued:

Due to pistachio orchards, direct and indirect employment has been provided for more than six thousand and 500 people.

He said: “There are 6 pistachio recording centers in Khash that separate the pistachio skin and defective pistachios and dry the pistachios, and finally the high quality pistachios produced are offered to the market.”