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Harvesting 1100 tons of pistachios from Taftan city pistachio orchards

Taftan is produce pistachios in Iran and The director of Agricultural organization of Taftan city of Sistan and Baluchestan said:

Taftan city has 2200 hectares of pistachio orchards from which 1100 pistachio products are expected to be harvested.

Fazlullah Kurdi added: the work of harvesting pistachios from 1700 hectares of fertile pistachio orchards in the city is still going on.

Taftan-iranian pistachio

He specified: 3 Pistachio processing and recording workshop with a capacity of 2000 tons is operating in Taftan city.

He acknowledged: 1000 hectares of pistachio orchards in the city have been equipped with a new irrigation system.

The director of Taftan Agricultural Jihad added: in order to inform farmers in garden management and increase yield, holding 3 training classes and three practical workshops and reviving and renovating gardens of 25 farmers is one of the most important measures of agricultural jihad management in the city.