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Green desert gold in the maze of global markets

Although pistachio production is booming in Kerman province this year; But exports of this product are not booming.

According to the Kerman Center of the Radio and Television News Agency, pistachio exporters in Kerman province considering currency Problem as one of the barriers to export and say:

export products should not be closed for products whose economic value is famous in the world and the government should provide a support package in this regard.

Iranian pistachio has customers in many countries and orders are already placed, but exporters refrain from any export due to the current conditions for export.

The head of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly also announced his opposition to the Central Bank’s directive on exporters using Nimai currency:

“Unless this law is amended, exports will not take place and exporters have no incentive to export products.

Mohammad Rezapour Ebrahimi added: “Several meetings have been held with the Central Bank in this regard and we are waiting for the amendment of the laws in the field of exports and if we agree with the Central Bank that it is in the interest of exporters.”

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