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Fresh nuts supplier

Fresh Pistachios, Almonds and Dried fruits are among the products which are available under Origin to Houses policy.The guideline leads us to buy during harvesting season to make sure costumers recive the most desired products. We belive, quality strongly depends on freshness.

however, while that is very important but that is not the only factor we concern.Nuts are very susceptible to fungus when remaining in the inventories for a long period of time. As a result, it is necessary to buy at the early stages of production and make sure of storing condition.Pistachios are bought from Iran, Turkey, Australia and USA. Suppliers are among the most aware cultivators and local farmers, although we often buy from certified producer. Our experience helps us to control environmental preserving condition.Please check with us for more about available products like, Almonds(Iranian Almonds, USA, Spanish Almond and Indian Almond) , pistachios (Iranian pistachio, USA and turkish pistachios), Golden Grape Raisin and Zante (Afghanistan grape raisin, Uzbekistan Grape raisins, turkey grape raisin, zante current) peanut and Dates (Arabic palm dates, Iranian dates, Iraqi palm dates, oman dates) and pine nuts from Afghanistan (chalgoza), Ukrainian and China walnuts.