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Foreign exchange policies limit pistachio exporters; The reluctance of traders to export

Kerman – pistachio export limitations Leaving aside the storytelling and increase in the price of production inputs such as machinery, fertilizer, pesticides.

for harvesting and maintaining pistachio orchards in Kerman province, one of the most vital needs of pistachio farmers is pistachio export.

This year, because of Corona virus pandemic and the blockage of borders, followed by a decline in exports, left many of last year’s production in the warehouses.

Therefore this issue has worried many pistachio growers near the harvest season.

According to the head of the Kerman Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, more than 70,000 tons of pistachios have been stored in the province’s warehouses.

and their persistence will lead to the destruction of at least 40% of this valuable product.

Accumulation of pistachios is a sign of export problems

Ali Anaraki, one of the pistachio producers, said:

“An interesting part of the export of agricultural products in Kerman province is pistachios and about half of the currency from agricultural products is dedicated to pistachios.”

half of the currency from agricultural products is dedicated to pistachios.

pistachio production

He adds:

“On the other hand, our main competitor in the field of pistachio exports is the United States; Thus, despite targeted sanctions, the government must assist producers in identifying export markets, providing facilities and incentives, as well as timely purchases from farmers.

He considered the accumulation of pistachios as a sign of export problems and added:

“We hoped that these problems would be solved this year, but the outbreak of the corona and now the problems of export have also contributed to our last year’s problems.”

Currently, issues such as financing, currency and the accumulation of pistachios are among the problems in the field of pistachios

pistachio export problems and limitations of Iran

Of course, we have not received part of the money yet, and the bankers did not pass their checks.

Currency fluctuations and traders reluctance

Hossein Kermani, one of the wholesalers of this product, told:

Although Corona disrupted the sale of pistachios and world markets, at present the export of pistachios is not an obstacle and it is possible.

but what is certain is that many exporters due to excessive fluctuations Currency as well as exchange rate policies based on the return of currency have not shown interest to export.

He acknowledges that forcing exporters to return foreign currency has made many traders reluctant to export because it is often impossible to return foreign exchange due to problems in the banking system.

He goes on to point out that traders after receiving pistachios may receive other goods or keep the currency in foreign bank accounts: But how can currency be transferred to the country from the banking system?

“Currency fluctuations have reduced the risk for traders to enter into long-term foreign exchange contracts,” Babian said. “In this regard, we need to facilitate legislation and government support.”

what is the problem with pistachio export limitations?

The Secretary General of the Iranian Pistachio Association, Babian, stated that about 100,000 tons of pistachio products from last year has remained in warehouses, which is about 75,000 tons in warehouses in Kerman province.

Since 1997, we have had a sharp decline in pistachio exports.

pistachio export has declined

Foreign exchange contracting situation has a very bad effect on pistachio exports.

returning currency policies limit pistachio export

Hossein Rezaei, during a trip to Rafsanjan to investigate the problems of pistachio growers, told our correspondent:

The Iranian Pistachio Association in February 2019 examined the causes of the failure of this trade and concluded that the discussion of foreign exchange commitment and foreign exchange contracting The year 2018 caused problems for pistachio exports.

He raises the question of which trader dares to trust the market with these sharp currency fluctuations? He said the government should trust pistachio exporters.

Hossein Rezaei added:

“It is not true to say that only the corona is the reason for not exporting, but it is the main problem of foreign exchange policies announced by the Central Bank.”

He added: “In the first four months of this year, we somehow exported, but in case of good policies, this export process could continue, which did not happen in practice, and the pistachios stored in warehouses.”

Rezaei added: The Central Bank says that 100% of the foreign exchange due to exports should be returned to the country and this should be done in the shadow of foreign exchange outsourcing.

pistachio export limitations,with the recent currency fluctuations that are unpredictable and cause a lot of damage, the exporter can not export the product in 19,000 Tomans for converting 1 USA dollar to Iranian currency . And a few days later to import 25 thousand tomans.

The secretary of the Iranian Pistachio Association said:

“These wrong policies continue on the eve of the pistachio harvest this year and aggravate the problems, while we predict that a significant amount of pistachios will harvest this year as well.”