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Soleimani, director of Agricultural organization in Ferdows, said in an interview with a reporter from the Young Journalists Club of Birjand:

It is expected that about 3,000 tons of dried pistachios will be harvested from the gardens of this city this year.

He added:

This year, about 4,650 hectares of Ferdows farms are under pistachio cultivation.

Soleimani stated:

Last year, the area under pistachio cultivation in Ferdows was about 4,500 hectares.

The director of Agricultural organization of Ferdows city stated: Last year, the amount of dried pistachio production in this city was about 2,400 tons.

He specified:

The harvest of this product in Ferdows starts every year from September 6 and continues until the end of October.

Soleimani about Ferdows pistachios stated:

90% of the pistachios produced in Ferdows are exported outside the province.

The director of Jihad Keshavarzi of Ferdows city continued:

about one and a half tons of crop is harvested from each hectare under pistachio cultivation.

Source of the news : Yjc