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Production boom in Rafsanjan pistachio production.

Mehr News Agency – Provinces Group: Pistachio harvest from 220,000 hectares of pistachio orchards in Kerman province has entered a new phase.

This year, pistachio collection from pistachio orchards has been delayed by about 20 days, but the product situation is much better than last year. Is.

While last year there were no pistachios to be harvested due to climate change, this year the situation is very good, after harvesting raw pistachios and harvesting green pistachio kernels for export to Europe and Arab countries, pistachio harvesting has now arrived and pre-harvesting phase has begun.

The need for gradual supply of pistachios to foreign markets

The price of fresh pistachios, depending on the type of product, is set from 43,000 to 55,000 tomans ($1.9USD-$2.3USD) in retail stores, and it seems that the price will decrease with more supply to the market.

Therefore, farmers have been advised to prevent the price of pistachios from falling. The product should gradually enter the consumer market.

Everyone is worried that prices will fall sharply due to the increase in production with the sudden supply of the product to the foreign market.

Price is estimated to be decreased because of over productivity.

This year, along with favorable rainfall and reduction of temperature changes, pistachio psyllid pest is also well controlled.

Thousands of people have come to Kerman to harvest pistachios from neighboring provinces, and the ripe pistachios harvest has been practically eaten in Rafsanjan over the past few days.

One of the local farmers said to EBTOR:

situation is much better than last year.

Mohammad is one of the pistachio growers in Kabutar Khan plain near Rafsanjan, who told Mehr: “Last year, not even 5 kilos of pistachios were harvested in the garden we are working in this season of the year, but this year every worker This garden harvests 500 kilos of pistachios.

“Given the current situation, production is expected to improve next year,” he said.

The farmer said: “Part of the pistachio was harvested raw to produce green pistachio kernels, because this type of pistachio is highly regarded in certain foreign markets, because Iranian pistachios have a natural and beautiful natural color and are used in the food industry.”

Employment opportunities

Currently, employment opportunities equal to 3 million people a day – workers have been created in the country’s pistachio orchards, most of which are in Kerman province, and it is predicted that after harvesting pistachios, we will soon harvest nearly 130,000 tons.

The total amount of pistachio harvest in the country is predicted to be 240,000 tons.

which of course is very desirable in terms of quality and weight of this year’s product.

Mohammad Nazari, one of the major producers and exporters in Kerman province, told Mehr:

“No country has been able to boycott Iranian pistachios during the revolution, because pistachios are a special and traditional product in Iran and have special and permanent customers.” .

The amount of pistachio harvest in the country is predicted to be 240,000 tons, which of course is very desirable in terms of quality and weight of this year’s product.

He added: “Although the United States has tried to enter the pistachio market, but the result of this entry is the production of low quality products with very undesirable taste, so that American pistachios are very low in fat and tasteless, but Iranian pistachios are completely unique and delicious.”

Nazari said:

“Currently, Iranian pistachios are exported to European countries, Far Asia, Central Asia, Russia and Arab countries, and through a country to the United States, although there are problems, but exports continue.

“He stated: Buyers come and go from different countries in Kerman province and buy the required product.

He advised the producers not to export their product at once and to control the pulse of the foreign market with a gradual supply.

$ 1.5 billion in valuations this year

Regarding the price of pistachios, he said: “This year’s dry product has not yet entered the market, and the product that was offered was either raw pistachios or wet pistachios, whose price is different from dried pistachios.”

Rafsanjan, Anar, Zarand, Sirjan, Kerman, Ravar, Bam and Shahrbabak are the main pistachio production centers in Kerman province.

the main pistachio production centers in Kerman province.

Warning about aflatoxin control

Aflatoxin control is also a particular concern for farmers, and agricultural experts make serious recommendations on the health of pistachio processing and seizures, and law enforcement has redoubled its efforts alongside workers.

In an interview with Mehr, the head of agriculture in the north of Kerman province stressed that farmers should take seriously the recommendations of agricultural organization regarding the control of aflatoxins, because foreign markets are very sensitive about this issue and will face problems if the product is not observed after export.

Abbas Saeedi also said about the drop in the price of pistachios: “It depends on the supply and demand in foreign markets.

We recommend that the product not be offered to the foreign market at once because the price will drop.”

The head of agriculture in the north of Kerman province stated:

We predict that next year we will have a more favorable situation than this year and the pistachio industry will have prosperous days ahead.

He pointed to the production of green kernels in Kerman and said:

countries such as the United States and Turkey have invested heavily in the production of pistachios, they can not produce green kernels.

Countries which have been investigating in pistachio farm development.

Pistachio harvest is expected to continue until the end of October in Kerman province.

with the beginning of the cold season, but the pistachio market is getting hotter every day.

Source: Mehr News