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Dried Pistachio production in Abarkooh Yazd Iran

The director of Agricultural organization of Abarkooh city said:

the pistachio harvest has started with a 50% decrease compared to 2019 in the area of seven thousand hectares of orchards in the region.

Mehdi Gheib Elahi mentioned that the reason for the decrease in pistachio production was the heat of the crop this year and the frost of the trees in late March 2018 and April 2019.

He pointed out that the average production of dried pistachios per hectare is 1,500 kg,

Average pistachio production per hectare in Abarkooh iran

he said: This year, about five thousand tons of dried pistachios will be harvested from the gardens of the city.

Dried Pistachio production in Abarkooh Yazd Iran

Gheib Elahi continued: Pistachio is one of the less water-loving products and is compatible with the climatic conditions of this city, and its most produced cultivars are Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Koleghoochi and Hazelnut.

Pistachiopeeling units in Abarkooh

Gheib Elahi, stating that there are 20 pistachio terminals in Abarkooh, advised farmers to deliver the product to licensed and hygienic workshops for peeling, drying and processing.

According to him, this year’s pistachio harvest has started in September in different parts of Yazd province, including Abarkooh, due to the weather conditions, and will continue for 2 months.

Planting 50,000 pistachio seedlings in gardens

Also, the head of crop production of Abarkooh Agricultural Jihad Management said:

considering the continuation of 2 decades of drought and its consequences and water shortage, in order to improve the cultivation pattern in the 2019-2018 crop year, 50,000 pistachio seedlings per 100 hectares of orchards This city was planted.

Hassan Zare pointed out:

Due to the limited water resources, the area under cultivation of this crop in 2015 was 1,500 hectares, which has now increased to 7,000 hectares.

The head of plant production of Abarkooh Agricultural organization stated:

Due to the decrease in groundwater level, farmers have made significant efforts to develop and promote less water-loving plants such as greenhouse crops, pistachios, medicinal plants, saffron and Golmohammadi in the last seven years.

Implementation of five thousand hectares of new irrigation in Abarkooh

The head of water and soil affairs of Abarkooh Agricultural Jihad also said:

with the gratuitous help of the government for the optimal use of water in the agricultural sector, since 1370, five thousand hectares of lands and gardens of the city have been equipped with modern irrigation.

Ahmadreza Zarnegar added:

“Of this amount, 3,000 hectares have been equipped with modern irrigation systems in the last seven years with 2 million USD of government aid to farmers in the form of gratuitous facilities.”

$2 million government aid to update irrigation system in Abarkooh, Yazd, Iran

He stated:

Due to water shortage in this region, Abarkooh plain is one of the four critical forbidden plains of Yazd province and farmers have equipped 90% of apricot orchards in the region with drip irrigation systems to make optimal use of water consumption.

The official continued: Due to the limited water resources and more activity of Abarkooh population in the field of agriculture, in terms of implementing new irrigation projects, this city is in the first place in Yazd province.

Abarkooh arable lands have decreased from 20,000 hectares to 15,000 hectares in recent years due to reduced rainfall, water shortage and the continuation of two decades of drought.

40% of employment depends on agricultural, livestock and animal husbandry activities and 8,500 households. , Annually produce 200,000 tons of agricultural and livestock products through this.

The center of Abarkooh, a city of 55,000 people, is located 140 km southwest of Yazd.

Source of the news: IRNA