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Detection of original saffron in 7 steps saffron in 7 simple and practical methods.

There are always frauds for expansive and valuable products such as saffron.
which can cause consumers to make mistakes and pay huge costs for them and not receive good quality.
As an example we can mention saffron.
As a result, today will present an article about how to distinguish the between pure saffron and the fake one.

How to know pure saffron

1- Saffron stigmas should be look like trumpet.

To distinguish pure saffron, it is better to look at the stigmasfirst.
This is the simplest way to distinguish original saffron.
Saffron has three stigmas, the upper part of which is trumpet shape.
The higher you go, the the thicker the horn becomes.

2-  color of Stigmas and detection of original saffron from counterfeit

should not be too shiny. In such cases, to make sure laboratory check is the best to estimate color!

Form of the original saffron – stigma vs corn

Saffron has one thing in common, and that is the stigmas. Corn stigmas are straight, but in saffron, they are curved. This curvature shows the quality and originality of saffron.

3- Detection by using straw paper or newspaper:

Put some saffron between straw paper and newspaper and press. If you see oil and fat particles instead of saffron, it indicates that the saffron is not original.
but if the saffron is powdered and there is no trace of fat, it indicates that the saffron is ok.

4- Saffron has a low dyeing speed

Original and high quality saffron has a lower coloring speed than fake saffron.
Some profiteers dye the yellow part of the saffron string which is yellow. 
has a low price, and combine it with the red saffron strings.

5- Recognizing good saffron with gasoline (take care when using this method) !

Saffron does not dissolve in gasoline, but to identify the original saffron, you must put some saffron in gasoline. If the gasoline color turns to yellow.

6- Detection of original saffron with boiling water

If you put a little saffron in boiling water, aftet 5 minutes and notice that the color of the branches does not tend to white indicates that it is original. If stigmas turn white in less than 5 minutes, it means that the saffron is not ok.

7- taste and smell of saffron.

Those who buy saffron know well that the taste and smell of saffron is unique. This means that the color and taste of saffron is considered as a constant indicator. If you taste a little saffron twigs, you will notice that it is a little bitter but has a pleasant smell. The smell of saffron is a little spicy but pleasant!

The last word
There are many methods to identify saffron that can be used for this purpose through various detectors, solutions and even physical and chemical methods. Pure saffron has stable characteristics.

Suspicious and counterfeit substances that are sold instead of saffron are easily recognizable specifically when sending samples to a laboratory.