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Forecast of harvesting 25,000 tons of pistachios from Damghan / significant reduction in production

Seyed Hassan Mir Emad in an interview referring to the sharp decline in Damghan pistachios production in Semnan province.

said: 25,000 tons of pistachios in the city as the center of pistachios in Semnan province is available.

He said that 8,000 tons of dried pistachios are harvesting from this amount of fresh pistachios.

adding: “This amount of crop is 55% less than the amount of pistachio crop last year, which indicates a sharp decline in production of this product.”

Semnan – Mir Emad, head of the Agricultural Organization of Semnan province, announced the forecast of harvesting 25,000 tons of pistachios from Damghan orchards as the center of this crop in the province and said: this amount of crop will be harvested from 13,000 hectares of orchards in the city.

The head of Semnan Agricultural Organization, referring to the existence of about 110 pistachio processing units in Damghan.

emphasized: processing this product can increase its economic benefits.

Mir Emad, stating that Shah Pasand, Abbas Ali, Akbari and Farrokhi, etc.

are among the most famous pistachios in Damghan and Semnan province, which also have a good market.

said: The turnover of this product last year expected to be about three thousand billion tomans in the province. It is very impressive.

He emphasized that Damghan has 5,500 pistachio farmers: the total number of orchards in the city is more than 16,500 hectares, but of this amount, 13,000 hectares are productive and the rest are seedlings or under establishment.

According to reports, no official has yet commented on the price of pistachios in 2020.

Source of the news : tahlilbazaar