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Damghan pistachio crop is expected to reach 25,000 tons this year.

The head of Damghan Agricultural Plant Production Department said:

Damghan pistachio harvest in the current crop year from about 17,000 hectares of pistachio orchards is estimated at 25,000 tons.

Damghan pistachio production 2020

This year, 8,000 tons of dried pistachios, equivalent to 25,000 tons of fresh pistachios, will be produced in the orchards, which is about 55% less than last year due to the annual growth of the orchards.

He pointed out: The harvest of fresh pistachios from urban and rural gardens of Damghan city began on August 11, 1998 and will continue until mid-October.

Sarfi continued: 17,000 hectares of pistachio orchards have been planted in different areas, including the suburbs, the Euphrates, Amirabad and Damankuh, and of this amount, 13,000 hectares are productive.

Damghan city is one of the most important origins of iran pistachios

He added: Damghan city is one of the first habitats of pistachios in the world and old trees are a sign of this problem in some areas.

This history has caused the culture and knowledge of horticulture in this city to remain from the past and improve.

How many pistachio terminals are active in Damghan?

Sarfi stated: Damghan city has 115 pistachio processing terminals that are operating in different regions and process and prepare more than 50% of the product annually.

The head of Damghan Jihad Agricultural Plant Production Department said: 5,500 Damghan pistachio gardeners this year provided about 3,000 tons of urea, phosphate and potassium fertilizers from the distribution centers of the support services company located in different areas.

The pistachios of the city are mainly of native geotypes, Shahpsand (suburb, Euphrates), Khanjari (suburb, Euphrates, Amirabad), Abbas Ali (Damankuh), Farrokhi (Euphrates, suburbs).

About 90% of the pistachios produced in Semnan province are harvested in Damghan.

Last year, one of Damghan gardeners, with a production of 44 tons of pistachios per hectare, set a record for the highest production in the country.

35% of Damghan’s employment is in agriculture, in which 5,000 gardeners and farmers work.

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Source of the news: IRNA