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The director of horticulture of Ilam Agricultural Organization said: to fertilize pistachio trees, transplanting operations have been started in 70 hectares of pistachio orchards in the province.

14,000 tons of pistachios worth 65 million USD damaged in Rafsanjan

The director of Rafsanjan agricultural organization announced the damage of 14,000 tons of pistachios worth 15,000 billion rials and said: The figures of this product are involved. According to Rah-e Arman, Abbas Haj Abdullahi, head of the organization, told our correspondent: “the organization arose from the merger of the two Ministries of Agriculture.

The Ministry of the organization was established at the beginning of the revolution and the Ministry of Agriculture since the decade.” Thirty started their activities and in 1379, these two ministries were merged. Pointing out that one of the important tasks of agricultural organization is promotion and education, he said: “Providing scientific information and pest control strategies to farmers is one of the duties of agricultural organization.”

The director of Rafsanjan agricultural organization added: “Last year, about 20 webinars on optimizing training for orchards were held and were welcomed by farmers. In this regard, we have several webinars on the agenda this year.” Haj Abdollahi reported the damage of about 14,000 tons of pistachios worth 15,000 billion rials and said: “The highest amount of damage to pistachio last year was in the areas of Kabutarkhan and Bahrman, which has affected all cultivars of this crop.”

24,000 hectares of damaged orchards were insured by farmers

He continued: “Apart from pistachios, more than 50% of other products such as walnuts, almonds and… which are located in Raviz, Sarcheshmeh, Khonaman, Davaran, and areas have been damaged.” The director stated: 24,000 hectares of damaged orchards were insured by farmers, and since the damages of agricultural products are usually paid in October and November, we follow the affairs of farmers to use the facilities through the parliament and other legal authorities.

On average, 500 kg of pistachios are harvested per hectare

To be provided, the payment of working capital facilities is also on the agenda. He pointed out that the average harvest of pistachios in Rafsanjan is low, said: “On average, 500 kg of pistachios are harvested per hectare and the biggest danger that farmers face today is climate fluctuations, heat and cold damage, and also with problems We are facing water shortages that threaten the gardens. Regarding the irrigation situation.’

Pistachio farmers need working capital to cope with the damage

Haj Abdollahi stated: 14,000 hectares of Rafsanjan gardens are managed with a pressurized and low-pressure irrigation system. The director of Rafsanjan Agricultural organization, stating that this year we had about 60 mm of rain, said: “Many ranchers are facing a shortage of fodder in the pastures while distributing fodder at a low price, cheap banking facilities for ranchers are among the programs on the agenda.

spraying or using liquid soaps for psyllid pest

“He advised farmers: Due to the influx of dry juice or psyllids, farmers should refrain from spraying as much as possible in this season and fight pests by spraying or using liquid soaps because to spray It’s early this season. Abdullahi pointed out: Farmers should monitor the presence of age pests in their orchards, considering that this year’s pastures do not have much forage, there is a possibility of age pest infestation in pistachio orchards, farmers need to monitor it and as soon as the age pest is seen, Destroy it.

He added: “Fortunately, the use of agricultural pesticides has decreased in the last few years in Rafsanjan city because several farmers have replaced sulfur to fight the psyllid pest.” Pointing out that there is a shortage of pistachios in Rafsanjan this year, Abdullahi said: “This year there are no pistachios and next year a small number of pistachios will be harvested.

Referring to the past year, about 10 billion tomans of loans have been given to greenhouses, he noted: Most facilities are allocated to greenhouses, which for each meter of hydroponic greenhouse construction, one million tomans of loans are given to applicants.