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buy pistachios online

Buy pistachios online, Pistachios or smile nut might be known as the most delicious nuts in trail mix. Some people believe the tasty, oily and beneficial nut is a good snack for both elderly and students. Due to the high level of different kind of vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fats it improves concentration and overall well-being.

Ebtor offers different nuts in fresh, dried type to both wholesalers and retailers. The origin of the products are mostly from Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Australia and USA.

Regarding the latest survey by our team, Pistachios (Akbari, Long, Ahmad Aghaei, super long, Jumbo, Kaleghoochi, Ouhadi and Abbas Ali) and Almond (Mamra and hardshell) are among the most popular varieties of nuts.

Uzbek and Kazakh, Afghan and Iranian grape raisins are among the most in demand origins of Golden raisin and zante which is offered by Ebtor.

We belive farmers should be the group who receives the highest percentage of the price to be encouraged to maximize their products for the years straightforward.

buy pistachios online

Taste of nuts depends on the types and origins, freshness and even sizes.for instance Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (Long), Akbari (Super long), Jumbo(Kalleh-ghochi) are Iranian varieties which are very famous for the taste and flavor. These types are used in pistachio ice-cream and confectionery and food supplement industry special fir infants and children.

To figure out how important is the size of the nuts, it is worth mentioning 22-24 pistachio grade is the most common size of Iranian pistachios for both Long and Super long.

Recently because of global concerns and technological infrastructures we offer most of our products under online platforms to help consumers to order easily and conveniently. It is why buy pistachios online is an important step for EBTOR.