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Bolau style raisins,The raisin production season in Kurdistan province has started a few days ago.

How to produce this garden product in Kurdistan, which is known as “Bolav“, which has been common in this region since ancient times.

With this traditional method, 200 tons of golden raisins are produced annually in the province.

Bolav village in the south of Sanandaj city at the foot of “Ovalan” mountain between Sanandaj and Kamyaran is mentioned as the raisin production center in this province.

Bolau style raisins is mostly golden raisin.

In the traditional method of gardeners in this region, to prepare raisins, wood ash is boiled with water and after cooling, it is placed in a container to settle. The substance that is obtained is called Khoshab.

Acid should be boiled at a temperature of 80 to 90 degrees, to prepare quality raisins, after obtaining the fragrant, the grapes are soaked in it, then the grape soaked in the fragrant is placed on the roof in the sun to dry.

The material is spread in the sun for 7 to 15 days to dry.

In the local language, Bolav means Dole Au, meaning a place full of water, which is a thousand years old.

The traditional Bolaw ceremony has been nationally registered in the list of intangible works of our country.

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the source of the news: Tabnak