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Saveh Pistachios

Report of Arak Center Radio News Agency; In Saveh city, there are 2,200 hectares of pistachio orchards and 10 processing units of this product, and for the export of each kilogram of this product, between seven and 10 dollars of foreign exchange, the country earns.The director of the Agricultural Organization of Saveh city said:

the area under cultivation of pistachio orchards in Saveh city is 3200 hectares, of which 2200 hectares are orchards and about one thousand hectares are non-orchards.

Saveh pistachio

Sharifi stated that the average yield of pistachio harvest from the gardens of this city is 1200 kg of dried pistachios per hectare and added: the pistachio harvest in this city will start from the last days of September and will continue until almost the middle of November.

He added: Saveh city has the second rank in Markazi province after Zarnieh city and the pistachio produced in this city can compete with the pistachio production points of the country in terms of quality.The technical deputy of Saveh agricultural jihad also said: in terms of area under cultivation, Ahmad Aghaei and Hazelnut are the main cultivars of pistachio cultivation in Saveh and Koleghoochi and Akbari are in the next cultivation categories in Saveh.

Referring to the activities of 10 pistachio processing units in the city, Khalili added: “For each kilogram of dried pistachios, there is a value of between 7 and 10 dollars for dried pistachios per kilogram for the country.”The spokesman of Saveh Agricultural Jihad also said: “Pistachio is free from aflatoxin contamination, cold resistance, good quality of the brain and pistachio smile is one of the advantages of this product in Saveh.”

It is worth mentioning that from a total of 11,000 hectares of pistachio orchards in Markazi province, more than 13,000 tons of pistachios are harvested, and the production of 90% of this smiling product is done in the northern cities of the province.