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Almond harvest begins in Marvdasht in Iran, Production forecast of 500 tons of almonds

The director of Marvdasht Agricultural Organization in an interview said:

the harvesting of tree almonds from 671 hectares of rain-fed and irrigated almond orchards in this city has started and it is predicted that over 500 tons of almonds will be produced.

Aziz Rahimi on Tuesday, September 2, announced the start of almond harvest in late August to late September.

added: The average harvest of rain-fed and irrigated almonds is between 800 to 1000 kg per hectare and in Marvdasht 467 hectares of rainfed orchards and 204 hectares of orchards There is almond blue.

Rahimi, stating that the highest amount of almond cultivation in the city belongs to the Camphiroz and Droudzan districts, noted: This product can have a significant impact on farmers’ livelihoods and has a good ability to plant on sloping lands and cultivate in the dry season. .

The director of agricultural organization of Marvdasht city reminded: considering the early flowering and low yield of these orchards, this management has a plan to change the early flowering and low yielding cultivars in order to improve and revive the almond orchards of the city and improve the production situation of these orchards.

And pays facilities such as seedling and scion subsidies to applicants in order to cultivate new, late flowering and high-yielding cultivars.

He said that the almond harvest is done in a traditional way, adding that every year, at the beginning of the harvest season, a large number of seasonal workers will be employed.

Referring to the characteristics and climatic conditions of almond cultivation

Rahimi added: “Almond tree does not need much irrigation and is resistant to water shortage and it is easier to maintain than other trees.”

source of the news: ISNA