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4% growth in red gold exports according to customs statistics

The Vice President of the National Saffron Council said: “According to the 5-month customs statistics, saffron exports have increased by 4% compared to the same period last year.”

Saffron export rate during the first 6 months of 2020

According to Shahr-e-Arannews, Gholamreza Miri, vice chairman of the National Saffron Council, announced the stability of the price of red gold in the market during the last two months and said: “Currently, the minimum price per kilo of saffron is 6 million Tomans (about $300 USD) for less quality available and the maximum is 12 million Tomans for Negin.”

The price of saffron is not corver production costs properly.

He added: “Given that there is not much time left until the beginning of the saffron harvest season, foreign buyers prefer to buy a new product, so the possibility of reducing exports is not far from expectation.”

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Miri continued:

“With the outbreak of the Corona virus and the closure of exports, some crops remain in the hands of farmers, which are expected to decrease with the increase in exports.”

The Vice President of the National Saffron Council said about the future of crop production:

Although saffron production is unlike other products, so until the end of the harvest season, it is not possible to make accurate predictions about the market.

However, due to the favorable weather conditions in April and May, production will not decrease.

“Production costs are not in line with the selling price of products,”

Given the approaching harvest season, good things are expected to happen in the area of ​​prices because current prices are not affordable and farmers are complaining about it.”

Emphasizing on the development of saffron exports, the official said:

“Despite the increase in foreign exchange and job creation due to saffron exports, the central bank is expected to reconsider the return of foreign exchange from exports because exporters do not have to return every dollar to the Nima system which is sold 3 to 4 thousand tomans lower, however, it is not possible to compete with smugglers because they offer saffron for 100 to 150 dollars cheaper.

Miri stated that saffron exports have been declining during April and May.

adding: “According to customs statistics for 5 months, saffron exports have grown by 4% compared to the same period last year, while with the return of currency problems, this amount is 40%.” Was.