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Tabriz – IRNA – The head of the East Azerbaijan Agriculture Organization said:

“According to estimates, 355 tons of pistachios are produced in the province this year and 100% of it is consumed fresh.”

In an interview with IRNA on Saturday, Akbar Fathi said that pistachio cultivation is new in East Azerbaijan:

“Only 2 tenths of a percent of the country’s pistachio orchards, equivalent to about 1,036 hectares, are in East Azerbaijan.”

Lands under pistachio cultivation in Azerbaijan Iran

He added:

The pistachio production cultivars available in Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Koleghoochi, Shahpasand, Rizqazvin, Zarand Kerman and other native cultivars are in the province.The head of the East Azerbaijan Agriculture Organization said:

“Out of the total pistachio orchards of East Azerbaijan, 428 hectares are fertile and 808 hectares are infertile, and the highest area of ​​pistachio cultivation in the province is in the city of Osko.”Fathi continued: Marand, Azarshahr and Shabestar counties are also in the next ranks of lands under pistachio trees in East Azerbaijan.

He also said: “Pistachio is the best option to improve the cultivation pattern in East Azerbaijan as a catchment area of ​​Lake Urmia due to its low and average water requirement, which is 4,500 cubic meters per hectare.”