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Jiroft – IRNA – The Director General of Standards of Kerman province announced the issuance of 2,611 export certificates for export shipments of pistachios and dates in this province.

In an interview with IRNA on Tuesday, Ismail Aqeli stated that the number of exported shipments inspected and sampled in Kerman province during the first half of this year was 2,611 and said: “After reviewing, testing, evaluating and complying with This number of export certificates was issued.

He continued: Export certificates weighing 54,222 tons were issued for these shipments.

He announced the issuance of 560 export certificates weighing 15,946 tons of dates during the current year and added:

“Also, during this period, 2,551 export certificates of pistachios weighing 38,276 tons were issued.”

Pistachio export

The Director General of Kerman Standard stated that 71 inspections and sampling of Jiroft export shipments were carried out, and specified: This year, 59 export shipments weighing 1,600 tons were issued after reviewing, testing and evaluating in Jiroft.

He named Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Canada, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, China, Russia and India as the target markets for Kerman province’s exports.

He stated that the way to achieve the country’s economic development goals is through the development of non-oil exports, adding that most of the dates and pistachios in Kerman province are sent to Russia, the United Arab Emirates and India.

Aqeli considered the export products of Kerman province as 56 types, including pistachios, dates, steel, copper, handicrafts, etc., and said: the development of production and export of non-oil goods has led to the acquisition of new markets for the sale of domestically made goods Agriculture, and consequently job creation, is a leap in production and improves the living conditions of the people.

The Director General of Kerman Standard pointed to the problem of exporting dates from the south of Kerman at the Milk border and emphasized on more connection between domestic and foreign traders and the standard set and said: to avoid wasting time, costs and stopping shipments in border areas and outlets Pay attention to the recommendations of the standard office.

He observed the marking according to the national standard of Iran No. 5314-2721-285-5311-395-803-2496-2510-2710-2944, no mixing of packages, use of a special brand, preparation and registration of customs declaration in The province and obtaining standard export approvals and certificates in Kerman province for exporting dates.

He announced the possibility of a declaration round for exporters to obtain export certificates and said: “Exporters can receive their certificates if they provide inspection and sampling conditions before declaring their cargo at customs.”

Aqeli said: in order to facilitate and accelerate exports and imports, the National Organization for Standardization has prepared a support package under the title of supporting production and facilitating the business environment in the year of the production leap and has notified the general standard departments of the provinces.

He added: “In this package, several facilities and methods of evaluation and compliance for export and import shipments have been identified that producers and traders can use these facilities to expedite export shipments and import raw materials.”

He continued: in the export section, we can refer to exports based on the standard or technical specifications accepted by the buyer country, inspection of export cargo and sampling and testing before declaration to customs and using the services of partner laboratories.