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According to Golestan 24;

Wild pistachio in Maraveh Tappeh which grows organically in Maraveh Tappeh the weather condition in the city of Maravhatpe.

which is adjacent to Turkmenistan, with very hot summers and very cold winters, since 800 years ago made a proper condition fo pistachio trees.

Wild pistachio in Maraveh Tappeh

the conditions for growing wild pistachio Production and trees in this region and thousands of hectares.

According to Agriculture organization experts, the area of ​​wild pistachio habitat in Maravah Tappeh is decreasing from 50,000 hectares to less than 10,000 hectares during the last 60 years.

due to early harvest, overgrazing and felling of trees, of which 5,000 hectares are General Directorate of Resources owns it.

Golestan Natural and Watershed Management to provide the Pistachio Cooperative Company of this city to preserve

also,revive and exploit this God-given blessing for the livelihood of the border residents.

In an interview with IRNA, the governor of Maravah Tappeh announced the start of harvesting organic wild pistachios from 5,000 hectares of forest and mountain trees in the Qazan Qayeh region and seven villages in the Palizan district of the city.

pistachio crop is of good quality and will be about 220 tons for the city.

220 tons of wild pistachio is estimated to be harvested in and around the city

The purchase price of each kilogram of wild pistachios in clusters is 85,000 Rials and the purchase price of each kilogram of peeled.

ready-to-eat pistachios is at 600,000 Rials, which Pistachio Cooperative buys from residents of Maravatehpeh. IRNA

He added: with protective measures such as sowing seeds and planting pistachio seedlings in Maravah Tappeh lands.

by natural resources with the participation of border residents in the past few years.

now the habitat of this product in the area and seven villages of Palizan district of this city is about 15,000 hectares.

Currently, five hectares is for the locals and its cooperative company for exploitation.

Maraveh Tappeh city with an area of ​​3,600 square kilometers.

has a population of more than 65,000 people who live in two urban areas and 108 villages.

Maraveh Tappeh location