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The director of Sirjan Agricultural Organization, stating that 70% of the cultivated area of the agricultural lands of this city is dedicated to pistachio cultivation, said: it is predicted that more than 16,000 tons of pistachios will be harvested in Sirjan this year.

Akbar Mahmoudabadi in an interview on Tuesday, noting that 43,000 hectares of orchards in Sirjan are under pistachio cultivation, added:

The pistachio harvest season in Sirjan has boosted employment and during the harvest period, 380,000 people a day Workers are employed

380k are employed as pistachio workers in Sirjan

He named Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Round and Koleghoochi cultivated pistachio cultivars in Sirjan city and specified:

this year, the pistachio produced in this city will enter the market with better quality.

He said:

Pistachio product has a good value, added value and economic benefits for farmers due to its reasonable price.

economic benefits for farmers due to its reasonable price.

Mahmoudabadi also pointed to the water limitations of Sirjan region in the agricultural sector and added:

it is necessary for pistachio farmers to equip their gardens with a new drip irrigation system so that they can have a good harvest in the future.

He continued: So far, 14,000 hectares of lands in Sirjan city have been equipped with a new irrigation system and good opportunities and conditions have been provided for the use of gratuitous facilities and facilities for the implementation of drip irrigation system in the pistachio orchards of this city.

The director of Sirjan Agricultural Organization announced the number of pistachio farmers in this city as 39,000 per day and emphasized on continuous cooperation and consultation with agricultural organization experts in order to maintain the pistachio tree to produce a good product.

The head of the Social Responsibility Commission of the Iran-Kerman Chamber of Commerce and the head of the Sirjan Chamber of Commerce also said: more than 150 mechanized terminals for pistachio capture and processing of pistachio products are active in this city And does pistachio processing up to the export stage in this city.

Hossein Najafabadi added:

A high percentage of the processed product is exported abroad for export from the customs of Sirjan.