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In an interview with IRNA on Monday, Saeed Barkhori stated that the cultivation area of ​​pistachio orchards in the southern region of Kerman is 586 hectares and announced the fertility of 300 hectares of pistachio orchards in this region.

He stated that 360 tons of fresh produce will be harvested from the fertile surfaces of pistachios in the south of Kerman province.

He said: The harvested product will be immediately transferred to pistachio recording terminals located in Esfahan and outside the province.

A dry product is obtained.The head of the Agriculture Organization of South Kerman stated: This year, according to the experts of Agriculture, due to the annual pistachio tree, it is predicted that the production of this product will decrease by 70% compared to last year.

He mentioned Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari and Koleghoochi cultivars as pistachio cultivars cultivated in the southern region of Kerman and added: “Due to the special climate of the region and fertile soil, products with green kernels and excellent quality are obtained.

“Barkhouri stated that the time of pistachio harvest in this region is from the 10th of September to the first decade of October and the average harvest of dry pistachio crop from each hectare of pistachio orchard is an average of 1,340 kg.He said that the center of pistachio cultivation in the south of Kerman province is Esfahdah section in Jiroft city, he said:

according to studies, this region has suitable climatic conditions for the development of pistachio orchards in southern Kerman and in recent years farmers in this region pay attention They had a special cultivation of this product.The head of the Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization of South Kerman considered changing the pattern of crop cultivation as one of the major plans of the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture and added:The South Kerman Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization covers one third of the country’s largest province with seven cities and a population of one million.